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5 Quick Photo Shoot Tips for Models

Here are 5 quick tips for models getting ready for a photo shoot.

1. Check your nails!

No nail polish is so much better than chipped polish or polish that clashes with other things in the photo. Most photographers prefer either no nail polish, clear nail polish, or a sheer nude/pink. If you don’t know, ask your photographer in advance what they prefer, but if it’s too later for that, just go natural or with clear polish. Make sure your nails all match in length too. Short, even nails look better in photos than 3 long nails and one really short one on one hand. Don’t forget to check those toes too.

2. Don’t keep your hair tie on your wrist!

It may seem like an easy thing to edit out, but you don’t want to make any extra work for your photographer and not all photographers will take the time to (or care to) edit things like that out. Instead, try stashing it on your hair brush handle or in that little zippered pocket in your purse.

3. Try your outfits on before your shoot!

This is especially true if you’ve never worn that specific outfit (or combination of pieces before). Sometimes we think things will go together that don’t, sometimes things are more difficult to put on than you thought, etc. This will also help make sure you have everything you need.

Bonus Tip: Snap a selfie so you can send it to the photographer if it’s a special outfit.

4. Save the photographer’s number and send them yours!

Once you’ve got the shoot booked (if not before), you will probably want to exchange numbers in case of an emergency or if one of you gets lost, etc.

5. Make a packing list!

One of the best things I started doing was making packing lists on my phone. I try to start on them as soon as I start talking to a photographer about the concept after we’ve booked. Sometimes I’ll think of something when I’m out and I can just quickly add it to the list on my phone. Then once I start packing, I can just refer to the list.

Bonus Tip: Pack the day or night before your shoot. You won’t be so rushed and you’ll be less likely to forget things.

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5 Quick Photo Shoot Tips for Models


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