If you’re getting started as a model or thinking about it, there are a few things you should think about as soon as you can. This is a brief overview with links to a lot more information.

Goals for Modeling

I think the most important thing to think about are your goals. A lot of what you will do as you start will depend on your goals in modeling. One important questions you need to think about would be “Why do you want to model?” I have an article on goals that I think you might find helpful as well.

Styles/Genres/Types of Modeling

Here is a resource that describes quite a lot of the different types of modeling: What Are The Different Types of Modeling?

My suggestion would be to look at the styles you like and bookmark a few of those photos. When you are scheduling with photographers you can use the photos to help explain what you’d like to shoot.


As a model you are responsible for being vigilant and keeping yourself safe. I think there are a lot of fear mongers out there (people who want to scare you), but if you learn to recognize red flags and take the appropriate steps you are much more likely to have positive experiences. Learn to check references and find a few local models you can ask about photographers you’re not sure about (although I suggest getting references for all photographers, especially when you are new).

I’ve gone over some modeling common scams for you in a past article here.

Here are some great safety overviews that I suggest reading:
– Model Safety by Maria Eriksson
6 Safety Tips for Freelance Models by Jill Billingsley
How to Check References in the Modeling Industry by Brennan
Safety Tips for Models: Checking Photographer References by Eleanor Rose

And my best piece of advice for you is this: if something in pre-shoot communication (emails/message/FB posts) makes you feel uneasy or unsure about shooting with someone, even if you don’t know exactly why, don’t book that shoot.

Your Limits

Knowing your limits in posing is very important. I think this is something that many new models don’t really think about in depth, but the sooner you become familiar with your limits, the easier you will find it to work with them. Here is a helpful article I’ve written on your limits.

Posing Nude

Posing nude is a big decision and one that should be made with an understand of what it means and how it can affect you. If you are considering posing nude, I suggest you read this article.

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